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When Is the Cake Supposed to Be Cut at a Wedding?

We can all agree that your wedding cake is more than just that, a cake. It’s a statement. It’s part of your wedding décor and the ambiance you create during your Big Day. And it’s an event in its own right as well.

More than anything, your wedding cake is a symbol of starting your life together on a sweet note, working together towards achieving the best in life.

When is the cake supposed to be cut at a wedding, though?

This is a question many brides have – so we have gathered the etiquette tips you need to know about it. Read on and find out more.


  • Most often, the cake is cut and served after the first dance, between the dinner and the actual dance party. There are two main reasons to do this: it will come naturally, after dinner (which is when dessert is usually served at every other type of event), and it will also prevent you from halting the party for the cake cutting (which is not something you want, because once in the “party mood”, guests will want to continue dancing).
  • The fact that the cake is traditionally cut after the first dance is not an impediment to playing this by your own rules. If you want to start the reception with the first dance, for example, you can cut and serve the cake right after dinner, with no breaks in between. Work with your schedule and with how you want your timeline to look like – it’s actually more important than tradition.
  • One etiquette tip you do have to take into consideration is connected to the fact that, most of the times, the cake is also a trigger for people to go home. It’s not that you want to hush guests into their rooms as soon as possible – it’s just that some of them might want to do that for a million reasons. They may have attended the wedding with children, they may have obligations next morning, or they may simply be at an age when after-parties are just not feasible. So, the sooner you cut the cake, the happier these guests will be!


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