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What Happens When You Have Issues with Your Maid of Honor?

Asking a friend or a relative to be part of your wedding party is a huge thing. It doesn’t just happen – it’s something you do when you want to show someone you really appreciate them and that you really love them.

What happens when one of your bridesmaids starts acting all mean, though?

Believe it or not, the stress can take over bridesmaids too, and the “zilla” moments do not apply to just bridezillas and groomzillas.

They do apply to bridesmaids too.

What do you do in this case? We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.


  • Sit down and talk to them. Being hurtful and mean must have some kind of roots, so communication is key when you want to cushion the potentiality of a conflict in the near future. Sit down with your bridesmaid and talk to her. Find out what’s truly going on in her life. Ask her if there’s something you can do to help her. Tackle down the issue and find out what it is that’s bothering her. Many times, it’s not even something related to the wedding, but something related to their personal lives which has somewhat overlapped on the wedding itself.
  • Understand them. Don’t just listen to their issues. Understand why they happened and see what you can do to help, so that you eliminate the stress in your bridesmaid’s life and have them go back to feeling better (and being nice with you and everyone else as a consequence). Go deeper than the surface – understand why this has generated such a situation and see what you can do to help fixing it.
  • Be a real friend. Step out of the bridal gown for a moment and be just a friend – like you were before it all started, before everything went haywire, before there was any kind of proposal. Don’t be a bride worried her bridesmaid will ruin her wedding day. Be a friend worried for another friend. Be there for this person and help them go through whatever it is that they’re experiencing.


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