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Wedding Planning 101: How to Plan Your Guest Lists and Not Fight Over It

Your guest list is one of the first and foremost important elements to plan for the Big Day – and the sooner you tackle this, the better it will be for everyone.

At first, planning the guest list might not seem like a very difficult task – but once you will start putting down names and add your parents’ guests to the list, you might end up realizing that there are too many people on it.

How to plan the guest list and not fight over it with your significant other? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Start by deciding the kind of wedding you want. The foundation of any healthy relationship relies on communication – so start your wedding planning by talking about the kind of event you want. Will it be a very luxurious one? A casual and fun event? Do you want a lot of guests invited at your wedding? Or do you want to keep it cozy and intimate? These ideals set the standards for everything that will follow in the wedding planning process – including (but not limited to) the guest list.
  • Set a rule according to which you will invite people. For instance, you could promise you will not add anyone to the guest list if you haven’t seen them face to face in the last two years. Or you could promise not to add anyone to the guest list that isn’t actually close to you. Or, alternatively, you could promise not to add anyone to the guest list you don’t personally know (both of you).
  • Discuss about your families. This can be a very sensitive topic, especially since it’s more than likely that your parents will want to invite everyone that’s connected by blood to you (even if that connection is very remote). Talk to your fiancé and establish ground rules on who you want to invite in terms of relatives – then relay your rules to your parents. They might not take it very well at first, but if you explain the reasoning behind your choice, they will eventually understand.


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