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How to Plan the Picture-Perfect Spring Wedding

Spring is officially right here, and this means that we are all feeling rejuvenated and energized by the blooming nature around us. If you have chosen this season to be the “host” of your Big Day, you definitely want to borrow some of the spring’s vibes to bring into your wedding/

How to plan the picture-perfect spring wedding?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Embrace Mother Nature. Spring is extremely generous when it comes to the beautiful landscapes it offers – so choose a location that allows you to emphasize on that. Wouldn’t it be really amazing if you could get married on a backdrop filled with cherry blossoms or simply green fields? Even when your location does not provide this kind of outdoor spectacle, you can still bring spring indoors – and one of the easiest ways to do it is by creating an abundantly blooming décor.
  • Keep it on the more casual side. Spring has a kind of airy, playful vibe to it that doesn’t bid well with ultra formal attires. So, if you want your bridesmaids and your VIP guests to be dressed in a way that suits the vibes of the season outside, it’s better to keep it as casual as you can (which, of course, doesn’t mean that people can’t be stylish and pretty!).
  • Create a bouquet in tune with the season. You have SO many options that it would be a real pity not to settle on something seasonal. From delicate flowers to wild blooms, there’s something for every single type of bride out there – so you will be able to create a bouquet that suits your style and personality down to the smallest detail.
  • DO plan for rain. You don’t want rain on your wedding day, that’s obvious. However, since this season is more prone to rainy days than other seasons, it becomes even more important to have a Plan B in store, just in case the skies decide to pour a little rain on you and your guests. A tent or an indoor option are excellent ideas that will keep everyone dry and happy – and while guests are having their cocktail hour, you can even sneak outside and shoot some photos in the rain. They will look fantastic!


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Unfortunately, These Scams Happen. Keep an Eye out for Them!

Planning a wedding is stressful enough even if you take any kind of scamming possibility out of the entire story. It is extremely important, however, to make sure you do pay attention to the way you plan your wedding. Scams can be financially and emotionally draining – so keeping an eye out for them is the best thing to do.

What are some of the most common wedding scams and how to avoid them? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • The Disappearing Planner Act. Hiring a wedding planner is a crucial decision to make when you start planning the Big Day. Yet, you have to make sure you hire someone who comes with great recommendations – otherwise, you might end up with your money spent and very little help received. The last thing you want is a planner that only replies to your emails every now and again and doesn’t give you’re your money’s worth.
  • The Catch Me If You Can Vendor. No matter what vendor you are looking for, always make sure you hire trustworthy, reliable people. You really don’t want to wake up on your wedding day without flowers, photos, or, worse, food. Read reviews, talk to people who have worked with a vendor before, and always settle for the ones that are genuine every step of the way. In general, if it sounds too good to be true (excellent portfolio, very low prices under the price of the market), it’s probably, well, not true. Keep your eyes open and follow your gut instinct – it’s better to spend an extra dollar and know for sure you will get the help you need on your wedding day!
  • The Not So Precious Gemstone. Regardless of whether it is your engagement ring, wedding ring, or simply a pair of earrings you want to buy for your wedding day, make sure you only buy from reputable jewelers. You might feel you’re saving money by buying from an obscure site, but in reality, it’s very likely that you’re paying way too much for something that’s not even close to genuine gold or diamond.


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Listen to Former Brides on These 4 Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding is easier to handle now that you have so much free information at your disposal, online. However, this still remains one of the most stressful events in most people’s lives – and there’s a fair chance you won’t make an exception from this rule.

How to lower the odds of adding even more stress to your Big Day? We’ve gathered some tips from former brides – so continue reading if you want to find out more.


  • Remember how you read that salt makes your body retain more water? Turns out it’s really, really as true as it gets. Try to avoid consuming salty products at least a few weeks before the wedding to make sure you don’t retain water. This will also help you lower the odds that your feet get swollen (and thus, feel more uncomfortable in your shoes).
  • If you want to know the secret to being able to do your hair on your own, here it is: your hair needs to be a bit dirty. This sounds weird, but freshly washed hair is quite difficult to manage because it’s too soft and you won’t be able to pull too much of a hairstyle with it. Wash it one or two days before the wedding and use a dry shampoo if you want to add a bit of texture/ make it appear more matte.
  • Is it worth investing in the services of a makeup professional? Totally yes. Not only do they have the perfect technique to help you pull off the most flawless makeup ever, but they also use products more likely to stay on your face all day long. Moreover, a makeup pro can also provide you with the touch-up products as well, helping you stay pretty and fresh throughout the entire wedding day.
  • It is perfectly understandable if you’re not a huge fan of waterproof mascara. Since it’s likely that you will shed a couple of tears though, be sure to layer at least one coat of waterproof mascara once you have added your favorite lash product. Doing this will help you protect your makeup from running.


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Your Maid of Honor Really Wants You to Know All of These Things

Being a Maid of Honor surely feels amazing for your bestie – and you definitely feel lucky for having such an amazing super-lady by your side, to help you plan the wedding and make sure everything goes smoothly on the day-of.

At the same time though, with all the wedding planning stress, you might sometimes feel that you don’t have enough time to just sit and talk with your MoH. What are the things she definitely wants you to know about her role and the wedding day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • The price of everything. Like it or not, a Maid of Honor spends quite a lot of money throughout the wedding planning process – not just with the dress and the accessories, but with a lot of elements included in pre-wedding events, such as the bachelorette party or the bridal shower. Ask her if she’s OK financially or if there’s anything you can do to help her cut down the costs – she will definitely appreciate it.
  • The dress. Speaking of the dress your Maid of Honor will wear, she is most likely secretly wishing she had a say in what she looks like on the wedding day. Allowing your bridesmaids and Maid of Honor to dress however they like, according to a particular “rule” gives them the chance to choose dresses that are genuinely well-suited for their bodies and styles – and it looks great in the pictures too.
  • The gift. Your MoH already gifted you something emotional for the engagement party, she definitely gave you something fun for the bachelorette party, and she has already picked a gift for the bridal shower as well – so she might be running out of ideas on what to give you for the actual wedding. Tell her it’s OK not to bring you a gift for the wedding – after all, SHE is the best gift you could ever receive and her endless help and patience are already amazing.


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No Room for Regrets at Your Wedding!

How many times have you imagined your Fort Worth wedding day? How did it look? And most importantly, how did it make you feel?

We bet regrets weren’t there, in your dream wedding – and yet, they sneak in brides’ and grooms’ actual weddings so often! With all the stress and anxiety surrounding the wedding planning, it can be really easy to allow regrets to sit at your table as uninvited guests.

How do you make sure they don’t even make it through the gates of your wedding venue? How do you make sure you have zero regrets regarding the way you planned your Big Day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Focus on creating an amazing experience, rather than spending a lot of money or getting a lot of objects. Your wedding is not about the ten-thousand-dollar wedding dress, nor is it about the imported tulips. It’s about creating memories that will last for a lifetime – both for you as the bride and groom, and for your wedding guests as well.
  • There’s no such thing as “perfect”. It may be really, really close to that, but it will never be without any kind of flaw. Perfection is a myth – and even more so in the world of weddings, where “ideal” can translate into a million-and-one ways for every bride out there. Stop focusing on trying to find the “flawless” options – the more you obsess over perfection, the unhappier you will be.
  • Sometimes, it is actually better to take the old beaten path. It’s not that you’re not creative or that you don’t have unique ideas. But in some cases, doing the “traditional” thing is probably best. For instance, if you are not great public speakers, saying your own vows may be a pretty bad idea because the audience will make you feel even more nervous (and thus, more prone to make mistakes). It’s not that anyone cares about any kind of mistakes you may make, but if you want to feel as close to carefree as possible, following tradition can sometimes work to your advantage.


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These Useful Wedding Planning Tips Are Crucial

Wedding planning is never easy – it can be fun, emotional, and exhilarating, and, at times, it can be really, really stressful. It doesn’t even matter how many guests you want or how formal you want your wedding to be – “easy” will never be a word to describe the planning process and that’s the naked truth.

What are some of the lesser known, yet absolutely crucial wedding planning tips you definitely need to check out? We have gathered them right here – continue reading to find out more.


  • Accept that some things, well, come at a cost. It’s a costly reality, but it’s better to start off the planning process knowing that there will be elements you just can’t (or at least shouldn’t) skimp on. Take the lighting, for example. You may not think it’s necessary, and the costs may downright shock you, but trust the planners when they say it’s worth every.single.penny. They mean it.
  • You really, really don’t have to do this for anyone else. Your mom may dream of a pink wedding and your in-laws may want a mountain wedding – but somewhere in between, there’s you and there’s your loved one. And your wishes are all that matters – because this is your wedding and you make the rules.
  • Listen to your mom and make her feel included. You don’t have to do what she says, but listening to her will make her feel useful and happy. Moreover, giving her one or two tasks to handle (such as choosing the napkins, for example), will keep her joyously busy as well – in many ways, she will relive her own wedding and that’s the kind of happiness you really want to offer to this amazing human being who raised you and made you be who you are today!


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Don’t Let Rain Ruin the Biggest Day of Your Life

Your wedding should be the best and happiest day of your entire life – and there should be nothing to stop you from enjoying every single second of this huge event. Unfortunately though, many brides and grooms feel anxious when thinking of the fact that it might rain on their Big Day.

Should that bother you, though? We think you shouldn’t let rain ruin the biggest day of your life – and there are plenty of things you can do about it. Read on and find out more.


  • A pair of rubber boots and a fun umbrella can really make it shine. They might not dance the rain away, but they’ll keep you dry and chic when shooting the wedding pictures. Add a pretty jacket into the mix and you are ready to face any storm that might come your way!
  • A good photographer will actually turn this to your advantage. You might think a dark, rainy day is the worst possible scenario for a wedding photo shooting. But a good photographer can turn this into an amazing opportunity to shoot unique, beautiful, meaningful, and truly majestic pictures. You will love them!
  • Remember to take care of your guests too. It doesn’t matter what season you choose for the Big Day – you should always have a plan B if you want an outdoor wedding. An indoor option or even a simple tent you can put up will save the day and keep everyone warm and dry, having fun, celebrating your love story.


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Plan the Perfect Experience for Out of Town Wedding Guests

Your out of town guests will come a pretty long way just to witness your wedding and celebrate your love story. Clearly, they love you very much if they do this!

Why not show them the same kind of love when they come into town? We have gathered some tips to help you make your out of town guests feel really comfortable and happy – so read on and find out more.


  • Offer maps. GPS coordinates, maps, pictures, and explanations – these are the elements that will help your guests find their way through the city and not get lost. Better yet, if you can afford this, it is totally recommended that you hire a shuttle bus to take your guests to and from the wedding, as well as to and from the airport and hotel.
  • Offer recommendations. Do you know the town? Make a list of things your guests can do (aside from attending the wedding, of course). Since it’s more than likely that they will spend the entire weekend in town, offering them a list of touristic attractions in the area will be more than appreciated.
  • Offer accommodation suggestions. You don’t have to book and pay for the hotel, but providing guests with a bunch of good accommodation suggestions that are close to your wedding venue will definitely save them a lot of trouble.
  • Offer a WARM welcome. A pretty welcome basket filled with local goodies, skin care products, and other small gifts will surely make your out of town guests smile as soon as they step into their hotel room!


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Have You Negotiated Your Vendor Contracts Yet?

Your vendor contracts are of the utmost importance. Not only will they establish how much you have to pay at the end of the Big Day, but they will set the ground rules your wedding specialists agree to follow (including plan B’s, for example).

Haven’t negotiated your vendor contracts yet? Here are some tips to help you navigate the (sometimes confusing) oceans of negotiation:

Belltower’s working belltower. Ring in the couples new life together!

  • You should know what you want and what you can ask for. In other words, you should do your homework and know exactly the type of services you want to hire each vendor for, as well as what the market price is for those particular services.
  • Keep the ball in your court. Or, in other words, try to not show your vendors you have your heart set on them alone. Show them they are not the only ones and that you are testing the fields – ergo, you are more than willing to move on to the next vendor if you don’t agree with the terms proposed by whoever is in front of you.
  • Keep your mind as open as possible. Sometimes, vendors simply cannot let their fee down. In these cases, ask yourself if you really want to work with that particular vendor – then, ask them what they can offer extra if the price stays the same. Most wedding specialists are happy to negotiate on what they offer too, not only on how much they charge for it – so keep your eyes, your ears, and your mind open.

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Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Date

Your wedding date is so, so important for the entire wedding process that it simply cannot be overlooked. In fact, almost every other wedding planning element will depend on your wedding date, so it is truly crucial that you pick a wedding date that suits you from every single point of view.

So, how do you do that? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Features stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, and a 61 foot center aisle.

  • How much time do you need? Some people believe the wedding has to be planned in one year after the engagement – but truth be told, there’s nothing rushing you down the altar. Take as much time as you need and plan the wedding you want!
  • Consider the season and the day of the week. Both the season and the day of the week will have a dramatic impact on your overall wedding costs, as well as the vibe you create during the Big Day. Think twice before setting a date and know that off-season and Sunday weddings can be absolutely fantastic (but they can cost a lot less, so if you want to save serious money, this is your chance).
  • Other special events. Are any of your friends getting married soon? If you will have a lot of common guests, leave some “room” in between the weddings. Also, keep in mind the fact that holiday weddings may be more difficult to plan, they may be more expensive, and they may make things more difficult for the guests too.

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