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Are Your Parents Divorced? These Wedding Planning Tips Are Important for You, Then!

Life doesn’t always happen the way we plan it out to be – but even then, we are indebted to make the most of it. For instance, your wedding day should be a truly happy event for everyone involved – and your parents make no exception from the rule.

What happens when they are divorced? How do you sail smoothly through the intricacies of a split couple at your wedding – and even more so when they are your own mom and dad?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • The walk down the aisle. If you have a stepparent you feel close to and would like to invite him to walk you down the aisle, keep in mind that this might hurt your father’s feelings. One way to go about this is to ask both of them to walk you down the aisle – either concomitantly (one on each side) or consecutively (your stepfather can walk you down the aisle for the first half, and then your father can pick you up).
  • The seating at the ceremony. If your divorced parents don’t get along very well, you want to make sure you don’t seat them next to each other (or even on the same row), as you would traditionally. In these circumstances, it is usually customary to seat the parent who is closest to you in the front row and the other one (and their spouse, if they have remarried) a bit farther back (the third row, for example).
  • The special dances. You shouldn’t feel obliged to have a father daughter dance if you think this might create an awkward situation. Likewise, you can always dance with both your father and your stepfather if you are close to both. Even if your future spouse will have a dance with his mom, you are still not obliged to have a special father daughter dance.
  • The photos. If you think it would be uncomfortable to bring your parents together in a photo, do make sure you discuss this with your photographer. This way, you will easily avoid awkward situations during the actual wedding.


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Unfortunately, These Scams Happen. Keep an Eye out for Them!

Planning a wedding is stressful enough even if you take any kind of scamming possibility out of the entire story. It is extremely important, however, to make sure you do pay attention to the way you plan your wedding. Scams can be financially and emotionally draining – so keeping an eye out for them is the best thing to do.

What are some of the most common wedding scams and how to avoid them? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • The Disappearing Planner Act. Hiring a wedding planner is a crucial decision to make when you start planning the Big Day. Yet, you have to make sure you hire someone who comes with great recommendations – otherwise, you might end up with your money spent and very little help received. The last thing you want is a planner that only replies to your emails every now and again and doesn’t give you’re your money’s worth.
  • The Catch Me If You Can Vendor. No matter what vendor you are looking for, always make sure you hire trustworthy, reliable people. You really don’t want to wake up on your wedding day without flowers, photos, or, worse, food. Read reviews, talk to people who have worked with a vendor before, and always settle for the ones that are genuine every step of the way. In general, if it sounds too good to be true (excellent portfolio, very low prices under the price of the market), it’s probably, well, not true. Keep your eyes open and follow your gut instinct – it’s better to spend an extra dollar and know for sure you will get the help you need on your wedding day!
  • The Not So Precious Gemstone. Regardless of whether it is your engagement ring, wedding ring, or simply a pair of earrings you want to buy for your wedding day, make sure you only buy from reputable jewelers. You might feel you’re saving money by buying from an obscure site, but in reality, it’s very likely that you’re paying way too much for something that’s not even close to genuine gold or diamond.


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Having a Cocktail Hour before the Wedding Ceremony Is Not a Bad Idea

Most people have their cocktail hour after the wedding ceremony and right before the wedding reception – and it makes sense this way, because this is a time for the guests to “get their party mood on” and for the couple to shoot some pictures.

How about having the cocktail hour before the wedding ceremony, though? What are the benefits of making this switch – and how to actually pull it off?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • The main advantage of having the Cocktail hour before the ceremony is that it allows everyone to relax and enter a good mood. If your ceremony doesn’t last for more than 15-20 minutes (which is actually the recommended amount of time a ceremony should last for), the cocktail hour will put a smile on your guests’ faces and they will not feel jittery during the ceremony. Moreover, after your big exit, you can move straight to the big party itself!
  • If you want to pull this off, you have to make sure you offer snacks to go with the drinks as well. cocktail hours should always include some sort of food – but if you want to have it before the ceremony (which is most likely around brunch time), you want to make sure guests don’t drink on an empty stomach. The great news about this is that you can serve pastry and brunch foods that are quite affordable and taste amazing too!
  • The ceremony should take place very near the cocktail hour (and near the reception venue as well). Going from one location to another is not a good idea in this case because some of the guests might get lost on their way from the Cocktail hour to the ceremony.
  • Last, but not least, you might want to ask the waiters to collect glasses before the ceremony. You want guests to understand that drinking during the ceremony (or worse, leaving it to get a refill) is not something you condone – so be very clear about this.


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Wedding Planning 101: How to Plan Your Guest Lists and Not Fight Over It

Your guest list is one of the first and foremost important elements to plan for the Big Day – and the sooner you tackle this, the better it will be for everyone.

At first, planning the guest list might not seem like a very difficult task – but once you will start putting down names and add your parents’ guests to the list, you might end up realizing that there are too many people on it.

How to plan the guest list and not fight over it with your significant other? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Start by deciding the kind of wedding you want. The foundation of any healthy relationship relies on communication – so start your wedding planning by talking about the kind of event you want. Will it be a very luxurious one? A casual and fun event? Do you want a lot of guests invited at your wedding? Or do you want to keep it cozy and intimate? These ideals set the standards for everything that will follow in the wedding planning process – including (but not limited to) the guest list.
  • Set a rule according to which you will invite people. For instance, you could promise you will not add anyone to the guest list if you haven’t seen them face to face in the last two years. Or you could promise not to add anyone to the guest list that isn’t actually close to you. Or, alternatively, you could promise not to add anyone to the guest list you don’t personally know (both of you).
  • Discuss about your families. This can be a very sensitive topic, especially since it’s more than likely that your parents will want to invite everyone that’s connected by blood to you (even if that connection is very remote). Talk to your fiancé and establish ground rules on who you want to invite in terms of relatives – then relay your rules to your parents. They might not take it very well at first, but if you explain the reasoning behind your choice, they will eventually understand.


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Best Wedding Planning Apps for Brides-to-Be

As a bride, you want to plan your Fort Worth wedding the best way there is. You want the fabulous Big Day, you want the smooth passing from one moment to the other, you want the happy guests and you want the perfect photos.

Sure, technology comes your way with plenty of help today – and the fact that you’re here, reading this, informing yourself, is proof of that.

What is there, aside from lots of information? How else can technology help you plan your dream wedding?

We have gathered some of the best wedding planning apps for brides-to-be – so read on if you want to find out more about this.


  • This free app is absolute gold when it comes to the kind of help it can provide you in the wedding planning process. We all know what a stingy issue money matters can be – and even more so when there are more participants helping out with the expenses. If you want to make sure everyone’s crystal clear about who pays for what, when, how, and how much, Splitwise is just perfect for you.
  • Pantone Studio. Dreaming of a Pinterest-worthy wedding color scheme that will allow you to tell your love story your own way? Pantone Studio is a free app that can help you achieve that. Get it and find the most beautiful color combinations for your Big Day – it will make such a huge difference!
  • Zola Wedding Registry. Finding the perfect items to add to your wedding registry can be much more of a hassle than it may seem at first. With Zola Wedding Registry though, things are as easy as swiping left or right. This free app can help you create the most amazing wedding registry in such a fun and easy way!
  • WedSocial by WeddingWire. OK, so you’re not a hashtag-kind-of-girl – but how do you collect and share social media photos from your wedding, then? This app will allow you to do this without all the social media drama and with a lot more privacy (since you can select very precisely who gets the photos and who doesn’t). Brilliant, right?


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Your Guests Should Definitely Know These Things before the Wedding

Your Fort Worth wedding guests are your closest relatives and friends – they are the people you have chosen to be by your side as you celebrate one of the most important events of your life.

Naturally, you want these amazing people to have a great time at your wedding – but what does that mean, aside from great ambiance, amazing food, and fun music? We’ve gathered some of the details you really need to share with your wedding guests before the Big Day – so read on and find out more.


  • The bare necessities. At a very minimum, you need to let your guests know their accommodation has been booked and that they are provided with transportation to and from the wedding venue. Be sure to book a hotel room block that will allow everyone to stay close to each other (and that will make the transportation itself easier).
  • The dress code and shoes. It’s not that you will be upset if someone shows up dressed casually to your super-elegant wedding – it’s just that they might feel underdressed (and this goes both ways, as there are situations when people might feel overdressed as well). Remind guests of your dress code to make sure they’re comfortable at your wedding. Also, remind the ladies to wear adequate shoes (e.g. they might not want to wear stilettoes if your outdoor wedding venue is covered in grass).
  • Let them know when you got their gift. This is not necessarily the time for the official Thank You notes – but just a brief email or phone call to tell them you got their gift and that you appreciate it will mean a lot to your friends and family.
  • Share the wedding hashtag with everyone. Of course, you will put up wedding signs reminding people of this during the actual reception as well. But just to make sure people are well introduced to your hashtag, share it with them in a private social media group, via email, or via your wedding website. It will make it more likely that they don’t forget about using it.


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Make Sure You Pack a Bridal Survival Kit for the Big Day!

As the queen of your Big Day in Fort Worth, you want to make sure you look royally gorgeous throughout the entire event. Of course, having your hair and makeup done by professionals will definitely help.

What happens when it starts to fade away? What happens when you’ll dance for 70 minutes in a row? What happens when you will tear up walking down the aisle? No matter how waterproof your makeup may be or how comfortable your dress may be, accidents just happen many times.

What to include in your bridal survival SOS kit for the Big Day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • We’re not talking about bottled water, but about those products that will make you feel fresh even though it’s been 10 hours since you left home. Deodorant wipes, deodorant, wet wipes, a bit of perfume, breath freshener – you’ll be ready to go. If your hairstyle is not very complicated, include dry shampoo in your kit as well (but just make sure you won’t ruin your hairdo using it!).
  • Makeup essentials. You might not be able to carry around your makeup artist’s entire set of makeup products. However, you can definitely carry the absolute basics: blotting papers, a bit of translucent powder, a bit of concealer, a bit of blush, a bit of eyeshadow (the most predominant color if nothing else), and a bit of lipstick. These things don’t take too much space, so you can definitely include them in your kit.
  • Dress accident fixers. Bobby pins, needles, thread, white chalk (to cover up stains), stain remover – these are just the absolute basics you should make sure to include in your kit. We know you don’t like to think of the worst case scenarios where your dress gets torn or stained – but packing away some of these basics can save you from the trouble of having to…well, keep on going with a torn or stained dress. They’re small things, but with the help of your bridesmaids they will definitely help you solve the issue.


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No Room for Regrets at Your Wedding!

How many times have you imagined your Fort Worth wedding day? How did it look? And most importantly, how did it make you feel?

We bet regrets weren’t there, in your dream wedding – and yet, they sneak in brides’ and grooms’ actual weddings so often! With all the stress and anxiety surrounding the wedding planning, it can be really easy to allow regrets to sit at your table as uninvited guests.

How do you make sure they don’t even make it through the gates of your wedding venue? How do you make sure you have zero regrets regarding the way you planned your Big Day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Focus on creating an amazing experience, rather than spending a lot of money or getting a lot of objects. Your wedding is not about the ten-thousand-dollar wedding dress, nor is it about the imported tulips. It’s about creating memories that will last for a lifetime – both for you as the bride and groom, and for your wedding guests as well.
  • There’s no such thing as “perfect”. It may be really, really close to that, but it will never be without any kind of flaw. Perfection is a myth – and even more so in the world of weddings, where “ideal” can translate into a million-and-one ways for every bride out there. Stop focusing on trying to find the “flawless” options – the more you obsess over perfection, the unhappier you will be.
  • Sometimes, it is actually better to take the old beaten path. It’s not that you’re not creative or that you don’t have unique ideas. But in some cases, doing the “traditional” thing is probably best. For instance, if you are not great public speakers, saying your own vows may be a pretty bad idea because the audience will make you feel even more nervous (and thus, more prone to make mistakes). It’s not that anyone cares about any kind of mistakes you may make, but if you want to feel as close to carefree as possible, following tradition can sometimes work to your advantage.


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These Useful Wedding Planning Tips Are Crucial

Wedding planning is never easy – it can be fun, emotional, and exhilarating, and, at times, it can be really, really stressful. It doesn’t even matter how many guests you want or how formal you want your wedding to be – “easy” will never be a word to describe the planning process and that’s the naked truth.

What are some of the lesser known, yet absolutely crucial wedding planning tips you definitely need to check out? We have gathered them right here – continue reading to find out more.


  • Accept that some things, well, come at a cost. It’s a costly reality, but it’s better to start off the planning process knowing that there will be elements you just can’t (or at least shouldn’t) skimp on. Take the lighting, for example. You may not think it’s necessary, and the costs may downright shock you, but trust the planners when they say it’s worth every.single.penny. They mean it.
  • You really, really don’t have to do this for anyone else. Your mom may dream of a pink wedding and your in-laws may want a mountain wedding – but somewhere in between, there’s you and there’s your loved one. And your wishes are all that matters – because this is your wedding and you make the rules.
  • Listen to your mom and make her feel included. You don’t have to do what she says, but listening to her will make her feel useful and happy. Moreover, giving her one or two tasks to handle (such as choosing the napkins, for example), will keep her joyously busy as well – in many ways, she will relive her own wedding and that’s the kind of happiness you really want to offer to this amazing human being who raised you and made you be who you are today!


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Top Things to Start Saving for When Engaged

Once engaged, you will start dreaming of your Big Day – the dress, the flowers, the colors, and the entire ambiance. Of course, that’s perfectly natural – you only get married once, after all.

Yet, the financial aspect of the entire wedding planning process should not be left aside. Even more, you shouldn’t forget to include some pretty urgent things that shouldn’t be overlooked. We have gathered some of the elements you should probably start planning for sooner, rather than later (and definitely not forget about them) – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • The Thank You notes. You probably feel there’s a very, very long way between the engagement and the after-wedding Thank You notes. However, you might want to include them in the first or second phase of planning – especially if you want them to be well coordinated with your other pieces of wedding stationery.
  • The honeymoon. Again, it may seem that you have plenty of time – but, like with all traveling arrangements, the sooner you plan and book, the better it will be (both for your tranquility and for your pocket, actually). Start planning this as soon as possible!
  • The gifts you will offer your wedding party members, as well as the gifts you will offer each other are important. They don’t have to be expensive – they have to be from the heart. However, it’s best to start planning for this sooner, so that you can rest assured that you will have something really special to offer to those you care most about.


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