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Are Your Parents Divorced? These Wedding Planning Tips Are Important for You, Then!

Life doesn’t always happen the way we plan it out to be – but even then, we are indebted to make the most of it. For instance, your wedding day should be a truly happy event for everyone involved – and your parents make no exception from the rule.

What happens when they are divorced? How do you sail smoothly through the intricacies of a split couple at your wedding – and even more so when they are your own mom and dad?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • The walk down the aisle. If you have a stepparent you feel close to and would like to invite him to walk you down the aisle, keep in mind that this might hurt your father’s feelings. One way to go about this is to ask both of them to walk you down the aisle – either concomitantly (one on each side) or consecutively (your stepfather can walk you down the aisle for the first half, and then your father can pick you up).
  • The seating at the ceremony. If your divorced parents don’t get along very well, you want to make sure you don’t seat them next to each other (or even on the same row), as you would traditionally. In these circumstances, it is usually customary to seat the parent who is closest to you in the front row and the other one (and their spouse, if they have remarried) a bit farther back (the third row, for example).
  • The special dances. You shouldn’t feel obliged to have a father daughter dance if you think this might create an awkward situation. Likewise, you can always dance with both your father and your stepfather if you are close to both. Even if your future spouse will have a dance with his mom, you are still not obliged to have a special father daughter dance.
  • The photos. If you think it would be uncomfortable to bring your parents together in a photo, do make sure you discuss this with your photographer. This way, you will easily avoid awkward situations during the actual wedding.


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Wedding Traditions 101: The Origins

Weddings are the kind of events that are filled with traditions, rules, and long lists of do’s and don’ts.

Of course, things have changed a lot during the past couple of decades and Millennial couples these days rarely choose to follow every single etiquette rule and tradition “dictated” in the wedding planning “book”.

Yet, if you do choose to follow some of the most popular traditions, you might also want to know where they originated from – and following, we have gathered some tips to help you with this. Read on and find out more.


  • The cans at the back of the car. If you want to make a traditional wedding exit, the cans at the back of a car are a must. They might feel like a joke torn out of cartoons, but the original tradition was even funnier: people tied shoes at the back of their car for the wedding exit. Cans or shoes, this tradition is supposed to bring good luck in the life of the newly married couple, as well as keep the evil spirits away.
  • Seeing the bride. These days, we perceive this tradition as a very romantic one – but its origins are much more rooted in the reality of a world where marriages were arranged. Basically, this tradition took birth because when the bride and groom could see each other before the wedding, there was a much higher chance that one of them would run away before the actual wedding. Obviously, this is not up-to-date with the societal norms of the modern world.
  • Carrying the bride over the threshold. Again, this tradition has nothing romantic at its very foundation. Originally, the groom carried the bride over the threshold because in the medieval Europe (where this custom came from), it was believed that evil spirits might enter a house through the soles of a bride’s shoes. By carrying her over the threshold, the groom was not making a grand gesture of love, but one that would protect the entire home from the potential evil spirits.


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Wedding Invitation Etiquette You Should Know

It is very important to make sure you send the right wedding invitations, the proper way. Much of the wedding etiquette rules don’t make sense today, in 2017, but there are still many of them that do.

So, what are some of the essential wedding invitation etiquette rules you should absolutely follow? Read on and find out more.


  • Give your guests enough time to make all the necessary preparations and send back the RSVPs. In general, 4 weeks from the moment you send the invitations is enough. If there aren’t too many out of town guests, you can even set the deadline at 2 weeks. However, if you want a destination wedding, you should allow guests more time to prepare (e.g. about 12 weeks should be enough).
  • If you don’t want to invite children, pay extra-attention to the way you address your invitations (e.g. “Smithson Family” will include the children, while “Mr. and Mrs. Smithson” won’t). If, however, your guests will sign the RSVP for their children as well, kindly explain to them the situation. They will definitely understand.
  • Last, but definitely not least, do send invitations even to guests who won’t come to the wedding (and you know this from the very beginning). Doing this will show them you care and that you truly want them to be close to you on the Big Day – if not physically, then at least in their soul.

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Dress Codes and What They Mean

Dress codes can baffle anyone who has never dealt with this before – so it is really understandable why your guests might not be very certain of what they are supposed to wear to your wedding. Help them find the perfect attire with the following tips:


  • Ultra-formal. In general, weddings that are very formal fall either under the White Tie category, or under the Black Tie category. The first one is the most formal of the two (and it requires men to wear tuxedoes and white bow-ties, while women have to wear long dresses and sometimes even cover their arms). The second one, however, requires men to wear a black and white tuxedo and it is more permissive with the ladies, who are allowed to wear long dresses that show a little more skin (e.g. slit skirts).
  • Semi-formal. Dressy Casual, Black Tie Optional, Beach Formal, Festive– these are all types of semi-formal dress codes, each with its own set of rules. Black Tie Optional tends to be the most confusing of all of them, but it can be easily deciphered when combining very elegant attires with casual touches (e.g. cascading dresses that are longer in the back and shorter in the front).
  • Dressing casually for a wedding is more than permissive if that’s what the bride and groom want. Remember, though, “casual” wedding attires are never an invitation to wearing jeans. So, unless the invitation clearly states that you are supposed to wear jeans, skip them altogether.

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Can You Have an Alcohol-Free Wedding?

Your wedding is as unique as you are and as your love story is – so it comes natural that you are free to make your own choices when it comes to a pretty large variety of wedding-related issues. Yet, there will always be wedding etiquette rules that need to be followed – especially if you don’t want anyone to be offended in any way.

Is an alcohol-free wedding a faux pas from this point of view? Or are you allowed to have a wedding free of any kind of alcoholic drinks? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Yes, it is totally fine to not serve alcohol at your wedding, especially if this is a matter of personality and personal history (yours or that of someone you love). Regardless of whether you have a brunch or an evening wedding, you can definitely choose to go alcohol-free – and it will be more than fine from the point of view of the wedding etiquette rules.
  • If you want to have an alcohol-free wedding due to the large costs associated with alcoholic drinks, you might want to re-consider for a moment. There are other options available for you, such as serving just beer and wine, or even sticking to a very small variety of cocktails.
  • If you do decide to stick with your alcohol-free plan, be sure to let people know. Although we are more than certain most of your guests will not care about the lack of alcohol at your wedding, it is better to be safe and announce everyone (via the invitations or the wedding website) that you will not be serving alcoholic drinks during the Big Day.

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Consider These Wedding Etiquette Tips!

Wedding etiquette is not what it used to be – brides these days have a lot more freedom to plan their weddings as they please. Not even the white wedding dress is a must these days! Even so, there are a lot of etiquette rules that still make a lot of sense even today – particularly because they are created to ensure that nobody is offended in any way.

What are some of the essential wedding etiquette tips you should keep in mind? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Don’t add registry information to the invitations, as this is considered to be tacky. What you can do, however, is have your Maid of Honor, mother, and close friends share the news by word of mouth. Also, you can add all the registry info on your wedding website too.
  • When creating the registry, it is crucial that you include items for every kind of budget. Regardless of how much they can spend for the gift, all of your guests will want to offer you something you genuinely like and need – so allow them to do this by including gifts in different price ranges.
  • If you don’t want to have a receiving line (which is perfectly understandable), be sure to stop by every table and exchange a few words with the guests there. It will mean the world to them, that’s for certain!
  • When choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses, remember that they are the ones who pay for them. Therefore, you should be considerate and choose designs that can be worn on other occasions too. Ideally, you should only give your bridesmaids some guidelines (in terms of colors, design, cut, length, or any other “rules” you may want to set). This way, they will have more freedom to wear something they feel genuinely great in.

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Create the perfect wedding invitations with these tips

Your wedding invitations are so important for the success of your Big Day! After all, they are the first impression your guests will get when it comes to your wedding day – so it’s only natural to give them all the importance they deserve and to want them to look absolutely flawless.

How do you do that, though? How do you create the perfect wedding invitations? We have some useful tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • In terms of design, you have all the freedom in the world. You can play around with shapes and colors, you can add wedding theme motifs and you can color the invitations the same way you will color your entire wedding. And, if you don’t have a wedding theme or color scheme just yet, you can always stick to a timelessly classic design – such as the white-and-gold one, for example.
  • In terms of what the invitations should contain, don’t forget to include the essential info: who, where, when and how. At the same time, please keep in mind that including registry information on the invitations is considered to be tacky – so you should keep that for the wedding website (or, if you don’t have one, you should ask your close relatives and friends to spread the word).
  • Last, but definitely not least, be careful with the invitations’ timeline. Ideally, you should order them 3-4 months before the wedding. This way, they will be ready to be sent with approximately 8 weeks before the Big Day and everyone will be able to make plans for your special event.

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We have the answers to some of the most asked wedding etiquette questions!

Your wedding is right around the corner, but you still feel that there are many questions left unanswered.  Don’t worry, that’s completely natural! Most brides get very anxious before their Big Day, wondering whether or not they chose to do things the right way.

To help you settle the insecurities and continue planning the wedding you have always dreamed of, we have gathered some of the most common questions brides ask themselves – and offered some answers as well. Read on and find out more!



  • “Are ring pillows too old-fashioned for my wedding? “. No, not really. Ring pillows will always be a timeless piece to have at weddings – and you can choose to have them or you can choose to replace them with something closer to your wedding theme.
  • “Is it OK to ask for money instead of gifts?”. No, we’re sorry, but this is still considered to be tacky. Guests are allowed to offer money gifts if they find it easier for them – but it wouldn’t be OK to ask them to do this. Instead, create a wedding registry with items you actually need (or, why not, create a “honeymoon registry” that includes various types activities).
  • “What happens if one of my bridesmaids cannot afford the dress anymore?”. We know this can be an awkward situation for the both of you – but treat it with delicacy. Discuss with your bridesmaid and see if you can help her save money in any other way (such as by buying a less expensive dress). If there’s nothing she can do in this respect, offer yourself to pay for her dress – your relationship with this lady should be much more important than anything else!

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