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4 Wedding Ceremony Rules Everyone Should Know

There’s nothing quite as magical as a wedding ceremony – and here at Belltower Chapel & Garden, we know it better than anyone. Week by week, season by season, we have seen couples tying the know under our roof and enlightening our lives with their genuine smiles filled with hope and joy.

We think couples deserve to have the kind of wedding ceremony they will remember forever. At the same time though, it is very important to keep in mind that this is a special moment not just for you, but for your other guests too – and you want to make sure you create a nice vibe for them as well.

What are some of the wedding ceremony rules everyone should follow? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • You don’t have to stay away for the entire duration of the Cocktail Hour. Generally, the “intermezzo” between the ceremony and the reception takes up to 90 minutes. If you discuss this with your photographer, you can be done with the photos in about 40 minutes and then spend the rest of the Cocktail Hour with your guests.
  • You don’t have to accept every relative’s attempt to speak during the ceremony. Special ceremony readings are usually assigned to people who are very important for you, but didn’t make it for other ceremony roles (e.g. your best friend from childhood who couldn’t be a bridesmaid because she lives on another continent).
  • A junior Groomsman is OK, but a Ring Bearer that’s too old is probably not OK. Most Ring Bearers aren’t older than 7 (and even those that are older than that, don’t go beyond 12). If your SO has someone in his life who is slightly too young to be a Groomsman, but obviously too old to be a Ring Bearer, it’s probably best to assign him a role that leans towards the first category. Yes, he might feel odd if the other Groomsmen are a lot older than he is, but he is free to not attend some of the activities before the wedding (and still maintain his full role during the ceremony).


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Your wedding ceremony has many important moments, be sure they are all captured

Not many moments in your life are as beautiful and memorable as your wedding ceremony – so it is completely natural if you want this day to be captured forever, in the most amazing way. How to make sure the essential moments of your ceremony are captured in your photos and video? Here are some things you should keep in mind:



  • The father-daughter moments and the processional. No other man has ever loved you as much as your dad – so he deserves to be in the most special album and movie you will ever be in. The father-daughter moments before and during the wedding ceremony are truly precious – and they should definitely be preserved for the decades to come.
  • The wedding itself. From the moment the officiant spells out his/her first words, to the moment the two of you kiss, every single second of this special event in your life should be capture in the most candid, personal and unique of ways. These amazingly beautiful minutes deserve all of your photographer’s and videographer’s attention!
  • The wedding party. Your parents, his parents, your bridesmaids, his groomsmen – they are among the most special people in your lives. So, you will definitely want all of them to take at least a small part of the spotlight and be part of your wedding pictures and movies. The smiles on their faces as you say “I Do”, the moment the Best Man hands in the ring, how attentive your Maid of Honor will be with your wedding dress – these are gestures you only see once in a lifetime!

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