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Life-Saving Items You Should Definitely Pack for the Big Day

Your wedding day is bound to be magical from a lot of points of view – but if you want to make sure everything goes alright, you should also make sure to pack everything you need for the Big Day.

Sure, you definitely know that you should pack your marriage license, everything related to your wedding look, as well as deodorant, perfume, and other refreshers.

But how about those small items and hacks that can turn a disaster into a much more manageable situation?

We have a list of them right below – so read on if you want to make sure you don’t forget the best life-saving items at home on your Big Day.


  • Baby powder. This is so useful for brides! Why? Because it helps remove stains – so if an accident happens and your wedding gown is stained, you can dab some baby power into the stain and it will absorb the oil. Furthermore, if you use a stain remover wipe, you can apply some baby powder afterwards to hide potential marks (works especially with wine stains, for example).
  • Dryer sheet. OK, of all the items brides are advised to pack for the wedding day, dryer sheets are by far the weirdest. However, dryer sheets can help you avoid hosiery from sticking to your dress (simply dab a used dryer sheet on your hosiery). Genius, right?
  • Lip balm. Yes, you should pack this to hydrate your lips – but beyond its main purpose, lip balm can also be a life saver if a zipper gets stuck. A touch of this little moisturizing magic can help you finally unzip the dress if it’s needed. The same works with soap as well, but a lip balm is much easier to carry in your clutch bag and just use when needed.
  • Clear nail polish. This has been used to stop stocking from running for generations now – but on your wedding day, you might find other uses for your clear nail polish too. For instance, if you start “losing” the rhinestones on your dress, nail polish can help you get them back there where they belong.


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