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What Should the Groom Do on the Big Day?

Many times, weddings seem to be all about the bride – but that doesn’t mean the groom isn’t important or that he doesn’t care about the outcome of the wedding itself.

On the contrary, actually: it does take two to make a wedding happen – and, as the groom, you want to be involved in the wedding as much as possible.

What are some of the things the groom should do on his wedding day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Yes, the bride is usually very stressed out on her wedding day – but that doesn’t mean that the groom doesn’t feel the same. On the contrary: it is more than likely that you, as a groom, will be just as nervous as your lovely blushing bride. Relax, though. Take a walk, listen to some music, spend some quality time with your groomsmen getting ready. This is a once in a lifetime kind of event and you should allow its beauty to soak into your skin and memory.
  • We’re more than sure food is the last thing you’re thinking about on the morning of your wedding. However, keep in mind that this is going to be a long day and you need all your energy to handle everything that will come your way: physically (all that dancing!) and emotionally (it’s going to be a rollercoaster, we promise). Given how busy you will be, it is more than likely that you won’t be able to eat much during the wedding, so do grab a nice, nutritious breakfast before everything begins.
  • Write a letter to your spouse-to-be. This can make the wedding all the more sentimental and it can add such nice memories to the Big Day! Sit down and simply write your thoughts: why you think this person is the one for you, how you meet, and how you felt when you met, what are your hopes for the future, and so on. Have it delivered to your future spouse – she will absolutely LOVE reading it as she is getting ready!


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How to Help Your Groom Look Amazing on the Big Day

Your groom is the man you have chosen to spend your life with – and your wedding day is the very “jump-start” of this beautiful life you will build together. Naturally, you both want to look really great on such a big day of your lives – but how to help your groom look amazing? We have some tips for you and for him – so read on and find out more.


  • Beyond anything, his attire should be well-fit. This is why it is very, very important that your groom attends his fitting sessions and makes sure the tux or suit he has chosen suits him from all points of view. It shouldn’t be too large, it shouldn’t be too tight, nothing should be saggy or crinkled – everything about his attire should be just fine.
  • Of course, his attire should also be coordinated with the formality of the event. Planning a black-tie wedding? He will have to wear a black tuxedo. Planning something more casual? There are plenty of options here, but do make sure his attire will (at least somewhat) coordinate with the colors of your wedding. It can make such a great difference!
  • Last, but definitely not least, this is his Big Day too. He deserves to personalize his wedding attire according to his personality. A pair of fun cufflinks or funky socks, a patterned bow-tie or a colored pocket square – these are some of the details that can really add a lot to his look.

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Dress your groom to represent a unique style

We know brides tend to be the center of attention at weddings – but that doesn’t mean your groom doesn’t want to look really great too. In fact, he’s just as interested to find a suitable attire as you are to find the perfect wedding dress.

How do you help him with this? Dress your groom to represent a unique style by following these tips and ideas:


  • Planning a beautiful beach wedding? There’s no other color more well-suited for this location, other than beige. If you want to keep things leaning towards the more elegant side of fashion, choose an attire that includes a jacket too. If you want to make it ultra-casual, skip the jacket and have your groom wear suspenders – he’ll feel really stylish this way!
  • For many of you, navy may be a boring color – but truth be told, it can be really fancy and versatile. Wear it on a classy tuxedo with black lapels for a dash of elegance, or on a simple suit with a bit of color and it will look absolutely amazing!
  • Thought colorful attires have no room in a wedding? Think again. If your groom is bold and wants to make a true fashion statement, wearing colors is a very creative way of doing this. A dark-colored suit, a pastel colored shirt and a funky bow-tie can go a really long way in making your groom feel special and original – just like he should be feeling on such an important day of his life!

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Your Groom should represent style for your Winter wedding

Winter weddings are so amazing, from so many points of view! For those in love with the romanticism of the chilly weather and for those who find winter to be meaningful for their relationship, this season is truly perfect for their Big Day – and if you plan on having a winter wedding too, you will definitely want to make the most of it.

How to dress your groom in a way that represents style and handsomeness – and yet, keeps him comfortable on a cold winter day? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.



  • The tweed suit. Sometimes perceived as very informal, the tweed suit can still make for a great wedding option – especially for a groom who wants to be different and extremely stylish. This type of suit is just perfect for a rustic-chic wedding, but it can really work in other wedding themes and styles too.
  • The three-piece. Do you consider the tweed suit to be a little bit too informal? Opt for a tweed three-piece instead! The vest will make the entire attire feel more stylish and classier – but it will still be an amazing choice for a casual, laid-back wedding vibe.
  • The wool suit. Want to add a dash of luxury and comfort to your groom’s attire? Wool suits are always opulent and lush, and they look absolutely amazing. Not to mention the thermic comfort they can provide on a chilly winter evening!

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