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Here Are Some Fitness Tips All Brides Should Know

Your wedding day is a very special day in your life – so you want to be prepared to look and feel at your very best.

Of course, picking a beautiful wedding dress and coordinating it with the perfect accessories is all very important. But beyond this, beauty comes from the inside – and fitness and health should definitely be among your priorities as a bride to be.

What are some of the tips you should know about bridal fitness? Read on and find out more.

  • Start small. If you do not have the healthiest eating and working out habits right now, don’t jump head first into eating vegetarian salads with kale and working out 7 days a week. This is simply not feasible and it will make you more likely to drop off sooner, rather than later. Instead, make small steps towards your goal, such as working out three times a week, eating smaller portions, and replacing saturated fats and simple carbohydrates with healthier alternatives.
  • Drink water. Yes, we know this is something you have read and heard about a million times before, but the reason it keeps being repeated is that it is very important. Your body is 70% water, so yes, you absolutely need to make sure you fuel it with proper hydration. That means you should drink more water and unsweetened teas and less coffee, carbonated drinks, and unhealthy drinks in general.
  • Stay balanced. Wedding planning is a stressful time – but you should try to maintain yourself as balanced as possible. Stress can trigger unhealthy eating habits, it can make you drop out of your workout routine, and it can heavily influence your overall health. When things get too tough, just take a break – take your fiancé or your besties and just go out to relax. It will help you see things much clearer!
  • Choose the right type of workout. You shouldn’t go into running marathons if that is something you simply don’t like. Instead, create a mix of workouts you actually enjoy: gym workouts, aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Tae-Bo, or even dancing. This will definitely help you stick to your routine!


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These Ideas Will Lead to a Hair Color Faux-Pas on Your Wedding Day

Hair is and has always been a very important element in a woman’s look – and even more so on her wedding day, when everything has to be perfect.

Of course, may have selected the type of wedding hairstyle you want, and you may have even selected the accessories you want to adorn your hair with – but what about the hair color? What should you do about it – and most importantly, what you should definitely, absolutely, totally avoid doing?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Making any kind of 180-degree change. If you’re a brunette and you have never been a blonde, this might not be the time to make the change. Even if you do plan everything well ahead of time, making this change will most likely have a pretty harsh effect on your hair. Even more, if you don’t like yourself with the new hair color, you will end up wanting to dye it back – and that will add even more stress on your hair.
  • Dyeing it too many times before the wedding. Once you have decided what you want for the Big Day, talk to your hair colorist and establish a plan that will allow you to reach the perfect hair color without harming the texture and health of your hair. Also, make sure your hair coloring plan allows for plenty of time before the wedding, so that you can apply some treatments to it and make it really shine.
  • Trying to do it yourself at home. No matter how expensive your drugstore hair dye is and no matter how much experience you have with dyeing your hair on your own, this is not the moment to do it. These things can very easily turn into a full-blown disaster – one that will be expensive to fix (and might not even be completely repairable from the point of view of your hair’s health). Invest in the services of a professional hair colorist if you want the results you are aiming for.


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