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How to Include Your Favorite Quotes in Your Wedding

Regardless of what type of wedding you may want to plan – be it a small event or a very large and festive one, you definitely want to infuse every second of it with the things that make you unique. And what better way to do this than by sprinkling your favorite book and music quotes throughout the wedding décor?

How to pull that off, though? How to include your favorite quotes in your wedding?

We have some inspiring ideas for you – so read on and find out more.



  • The invitations. If you want to make your wedding feel personal and unique from the very beginning, why not include your favorite quote on the invitations? You really don’t need to decorate your invites with anything else – just your favorite quote to feel like it’s part of your story and to give your guests a taste of what the wedding will be like.
  • The table linens. You might not want to do this with all of the table linens, but it would look really nice for the more special tables at your wedding – such as the sweethearts table, the dessert table, or the DIY cocktail table, for example. Print your quote on one side of the table linen and allow guests to walk into your story through it. This can turn into such a beautifully sentimental wedding idea!
  • His handkerchief. This can be a gorgeous wedding gift for your special someone. Print out your favorite quote on a handkerchief and have it delivered to your loved one on the morning of the Big Day. It would be great to have your photographer there to capture the reaction because this can turn into such an emotional and unforgettable moment!
  • Her dress. Embroidering your favorite quote on your wedding gown might seem like a crazy idea – but it’s totally doable, and it can help you make your wedding dress even more special. For instance, you could add your favorite quote on the inside linens of the dress – case in which you should definitely take a picture of it, so that you can have it as a memory forever!


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